The Sekondi-Takoradi Chamber of Commerce & Industry (STCCI) is an association serving and promoting the commercial and industrial interests of small and large companies in the Western and Central Regions of Ghana.  STRCCI is one of four regional chambers that together comprise the Ghana Chamber of Commerce & Industry (GCCI). 

GCCI has been in existence and operational since the 1920’s, when it was started and operated as a business association for the ex-patriate firms and businesses who came from Europe to the Gold Coast to trade in the gold, timber and other resources.  The Chamber in its present form was established on November 8th, 1961 under an Act of Parliament (Executive Instrument No. 196).

The Chamber is charged with the following functions;

Promotion and protection of trade, commerce, industry and manufactures of Ghana.
The collection and circulation of statistics relating to trade, commerce, industry and manufactures.
The provision of facilities for the communication and interchange of views between members of the Chamber on the one hand and departments of Government, public institutions and other Association on the other hand on matters directly or indirectly affecting the interests of the Chamber or any member thereof.
The printing and publication of newspapers, periodicals, books and other documents for promoting the interests of the Chamber.
The establishment and maintenance of libraries and museums for the promotion of trade, commerce, industry and manufactures of Ghana.
The promotion and participation in Trade Fairs in Ghana and elsewhere
To develop linkages with Chambers of Commerce in other parts of the world.
The promotion of and co-operation with Associations or other organisations in Ghana discharging similar functions as the Chamber.

Our Vision
To be known as Western Region’s most influential Private Sector Association, providing maximun value to its membership by recognizing and encouraging the private Sector’s role as the driving force in the regional economy.

Our Mission
To serve as the voice of business committed to the enhancement of economic prosperity and quality of life in the Western Region and Ghana as a whole.

Our Values
Respect for and celebration of the contributions and achievements of our members and volunteers.
Our Principles
Professionalism and integrity united in the delivery of high value services and benefits