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Knowledge Center

Within Sekondi/Takoradi, the Western Region and in Ghana in general there are various challenges regarding access to information. There is no “one stop shop” where potential investors and businesses both foreign and local can gain access to the relevant information in order to invest, start or maintain a business within the Western Region.

The prime objective of the Knowledge Centre is to enable investors/businesses to gain access to information which enables them to invest/start or maintain a business.
As part of this specific project the objectives are to:

c Develop an information management process and plan (information collection, dissemination and structure) for the Knowledge Centre
g Increase the capacities for handling information collection and delivery through training
f Create a physical and virtual layout for the Knowledge Centre information
Business Incubator

There is an urgent need in the Western Region generally, and the Sekondi-Takoradi area specifically, to increase the capacity in the economy to drive and support the explosive growth that is anticipated for the near future. 

It has been identified that poor knowledge in business management and subsequently inadequate management practices are some of the main challenges facing most businesses, especially small and medium enterprises (SMEs), in Ghana.  As a result, many local businesses that can potentially supply the community’s needs are under serious threat from foreign investors and competitive imports who offer less expensive alternatives.

There are three critical areas that have heretofore impeded entrepreneurs in the Region from starting new businesses and allowing them to flourish:


Limited or no access to capital;


Limited access to knowledge and training related to running a small and/or medium-sized business;

a Limited access to the facilities required to allow an entrepreneur to maximize his/her potential, and that of the business
Objectives of the Business Incubator

To create jobs by developing self-sustained enterprises


To promote entrepreneurs who can increase the Western Region’s capacity (both employment and knowledge-based) to affect a significant positive change in economic activity


To develop enterprises that will serve the community, and the country





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