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:: Knowladge Center
Business needs and environment for the Knowledge Center
Within Sekondi/Takoradi, the Western Region and in Ghana in general there are various challenges regarding access to information. There is no “one stop shop” where potential investors and businesses both foreign and local can gain access to the relevant information in order to invest, start or maintain a business within the Western Region
The Knowledge Center Objectives
The prime objective of the Knowledge Centre is to enable investors/businesses to gain access to information which enables them to invest/start or maintain a business. The objectives are to;
  Develop an information management process and plan (information collection, dissemination and structure) for the Knowledge Centre
  Increase the capacities for handling information collection and delivery through training.
  Create a physical and virtual layout for the Knowledge Centre information
Key requirement in Scope
  Development of a strategic partnerships plan to ensure that the information required is able to be gathered from a reliable source.
  Maintainability of the information flows to ensure that the information is kept up to date
Design of both a physical and virtual Knowledge Centre. This includes aspects like, administration, sources of information, physical setup and structure.
The set up makes sure that the Knowledge Centre will be operated as a business i.e. minimizes the resources spend on “overhead” and develop a self-sustainable, effective business operation.
  The Knowledge Centre needs to be well embedded into and supported by local society
Genral outline of the Knowledge Center Concept and Context

The Knowledge Centre concept has been brought about to address the lack of information regarding the Western Region of Ghana. Sekondi-Takoradi is only one of the areas within the Western Region.

Currently for a business person or investor to gather information about doing business in Ghana they would need to physically go to many different organisations, whether they be government or non-governmental. From an electronic point of view there is a lack of up to date websites which are/might be available, therefore it is very difficult to find up to date and relevant information regarding doing business or investing in the Western Region.

The Knowledge Centre will be powered by ICT which will enable institutions like Banks, Local Land administrators, producers of raw materials, investment promoters, and established businesses to network in a manner that will provide information on raw material acquisition, access to finance, land and other relevant information capable of reducing time, cost of resources and expertise.

The knowledge centre will address the following:

Provide information and knowledge for the business community in the Western Region - this will reduce the cost of doing business;
  Train entrepreneurs and their staff;
Improve upon regularization of business operations;
Provide linkages with various business entities
  Provide outsourcing and franchising opportunities for the both local, National and International business entities
The Knowledge Centre’s vision, mission and values are fully aligned with that of the STRCCI. Below is a description of these

“To be a one stop shop for all information required to do business and/or invest within the western region”

The provision of this information will help achieve the overall vision of enhancing the economic prosperity and the quality of life in the Western Region of Ghana.


To ensure all business information is available via physical and/or electronic means in order to assist with developing, promoting, and protecting trade and economic development in Ghana.

The knowledge Centre will work and uphold all the STRCCI core principles, with particular reference to its dedication to providing opportunities to members to improve their business. As well as the dedicated to making an impact on critical business and community issues.  It is STRCCI’s goal to unite talented leaders in business, community, and government, chamber members and professional staff to work to improve the Western Region of Ghana.

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